Software tools for working with artitifical intelligence (AI) agents and hyperledger (blockchain) technologies.

hyperledgerAI technologies aims to be a widely used platform and set of software tools for combining increasingly more capable AI agents with blockchain-based systems. The technologies that I am experimenting with are:

My goal is to support technologies to enable AIs to trade resources effectively and inexpensively on private blockchain systems.

You can contact me through my main web site: markwatson.com

I have been working in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning since 1982. I believe that the most disruptive and profitable technologies in the coming decades will be artificial general intelligence (AGI), blockchain, and quantum computers. The hyperledgerAI project combines two of these disruptive technologies and attempts to provide infrastructure software that will get you started with reduced effort. Current plans are for writing and supporting open source software tools, with possible future monetization by offering custom development work.

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